Who We Are

Bionic Technologies is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization registered in the state of Florida committed to 

acting with integrity, responsibility, and accountability to our mission. We pride ourselves in the design and

development of new prosthetic limb using the latest technologies for the least cost as well helping those 

most in need. When a person becomes an amputee, they often struggle with depression, anxiety, and harsh 

judgment. These place a staggering financial and emotional 

toll on the individual. Unfortunately, many people cannot afford such prosthetics, let alone basic prosthetics.

Fortunately, high-tech prosthetics, such as those being developed at Bionic Technology, restore a person’s 

ability to function normally in society. Bionic Technologies steps in to provide a financial bridge between 

low-income amputees and the quality prosthetic care needed to restore their lives. Our team of highly trained 

and advanced technicians and engineers work relentlessly to ensure the highest standard of quality for the 

amputees we work with and the prosthetic limbs we pair them with. We 

lead and activate communities to be aware of the needs of the amputees and their families. Of course, none 

of this would be possible without the generosity of our partners, our amputees and our whole community.

Our Story

Roughly five hundred people a day lose a limb, joining over 2.1 million amputees in the USA. Sixty percent 

of all limb loss is preventable, and it is due to myriad reasons. 

Our Mission

Is to develop low cost prosthesis that through research and with the latest technologies will be able to 

assist humans in performing from the most difficult to the most simple task and bring them back to their 

normal lives, enhancing their quality of life for amputees as well as for their families.  

Our mission is to further prosthetic and bionic technology through continuing high-level research and 

development. In addition to our research, we strive to assist any amputee who is not financially able to pay 

for their prosthetic. This financial assistance directly impacts the quality of life and levels of happiness 

of not just the amputee, but their family and friends.

Our Leaders

Executive Management:

Ivonne Caparros President

Robinson Nunez BME CEO / VP of Product Development

Manual  J Nunez  MBA COO

Juan L Caparros  Legal

Edwin Rivera MFA CFO

Executive Directors:

Cecilia Olivieri

Mike Magill

Wally Carmona

Angel Martinez

Frank Ocasio

Kevin Andujar

Our Partners

Bionic Technologies works with companies, government, non profit and other 

organizations around the world to help achive our goals. Some of these 

organizations are Limbitless Solutions, Range of Motion Project, Open Bionics, 

Limb for Life Foundation, Steve Chamberland's 50 Legs, etc.